Rescuing a dog that could not be found in an unsanitary dwelling.

chien Jemeppe

The emergency response of the Animal Disaster Team (ADT) in Jemeppe-sur-Sambre, following an alert from the local police, highlights a serious problem of animal neglect. The mission: to locate and rescue a dog still trapped in a house where the unsanitary conditions were reaching alarming levels. Three of his companions had already been evacuated, but he was nowhere to be found.

Rescuers, equipped with flashlights, made their way through the chaos of a home abandoned to trash and abandoned memories. It was in this oppressive environment that they finally spotted the dog, hidden and visibly terrified.

The dog's extraction from this dangerous situation was swift, followed by his transfer to a veterinary clinic for a full medical evaluation. This rescue highlights not only the risks associated with extremely neglected homes, but also the critical importance of interventions to protect animals at risk.

This rescue operation, although successful, is a reminder of the collective responsibility to report situations of neglect and unsanitary conditions that endanger the lives of animals and humans.

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