To carry out its missions, ADT is equipped with:

ADT camionette

Vehicles to transport animals (trucks, equipped vans, horse trailer, etc.)

ADT bateau

Vehicles and equipment for water rescue (including boats)

ADT heftruck

Vehicles and equipment to rescue large animals (including a telescopic boom lift)

ADT drone

Search equipment (including drones)

ADT jeep

Fast intervention vehicles (including four-wheel drives)

Our team is made up of specifically trained volunteers.

ADT also maintains a strong collaboration with certified shelters to assist its missions.

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We never know when a disaster may strike or when animals will need to be rescued. However, one thing we do know is that we need to be prepared when it happens. Thanks to your support, our efforts in preparation, rescue and assistance are made possible.

Your donation enables our team to keep responding to emergency calls and save animals in critical situations. 

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