ADT intervenes in support of shelters to rescue many animals in distress in Maurage.

saisie Maurage

In support of shelters, the Animal Disaster Team (ADT) responded to the call of the SPA La Louvière, deploying its teams in emergency to Maurage to help many animals in distress. 

On the ground, rescuers discovered heartbreaking scenes: 16 sheep, about 30 goats, and two ponies were kept in deplorable conditions, on a field strewn with debris and dead animals. These apocalyptic conditions not only posed an immediate risk to the health and well-being of the surviving animals, but also underscored the urgency of the response.

With the assistance of the firefighters of the Hainaut Centre Rescue Zone, powerful floodlights were installed, allowing the rescue operations to continue in optimal conditions. This inter-service collaboration was instrumental in ensuring the safety and efficiency of the rescue.

Thanks to these joint efforts, all the animals were rescued and placed in various partner shelters, such as Help Animals, Tabula Rasa, 4 Balzanes ASBL, Animal Sans Toi... T, La Petite Ferme de Belvie... 

This event highlights the importance of collaboration between animal rescue teams, emergency services, and shelters. We would like to express our gratitude to the police force of the Green Unit of the Local Police of La Louvière for their efficiency and vital support in this operation. Their responsiveness and that of the firefighters of the Hainaut Centre Rescue Zone were exemplary, perfectly illustrating the positive impact that a close-knit community can have in the face of adversity.

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